ELCA Foundation insights November 2020

Gifts are tax-deductible in 2020 when you give before Dec. 31

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  year end gifts  
Prepare for year-end with a tax-deductible gift
This year has been a challenging one for our ministries, especially those that work year-round on the front lines to serve our neighbors in need. As our church has stepped up to respond to rising rates of hunger, illness and unemployment, you responded with faithfulness and generosity. On behalf of the greater church, thank you.

We know that many of you will carefully consider your charitable giving plans as we near the end of the calendar year. This is also an important time to meaningfully support congregations and ministries to equip them for future ministry. As you plan ways to give, we encourage you to consider opportunities that can help you make the most of new policies and your assets.
  • Qualified charitable distributions
    The SECURE Act of 2019 changed the age for required minimum distributions from your Individual Retirement Account (IRA), and the CARES Act of 2020 suspended them altogether. Making a gift from your IRA directly to any ELCA ministry may still be beneficial even if such a distribution is not required. Qualified charitable distributions remain a viable possibility for making a meaningful gift while limiting taxable income from your IRA.
  • Gifts of appreciated assets
    Gifting an appreciated security directly to a nonprofit organization may allow you to maximize your gift while avoiding capital gains taxes and reducing your taxable income. You can make these gifts to any ELCA-related congregation or organization through the ELCA Foundation, even if it is unable to receive gifts of stocks or marketable securities directly.
  • Life-income gifts
    These gifts can provide meaningful tax deductions for donors who face increased tax burdens due to income changes or other liquidity events. A life-income gift, like a charitable gift annuity, provides a tax deduction in the year it is established, partially tax-free future income and a gift to the ministries that matter the most to you.
  • Endow your giving
    The CARES Act introduced a unique provision in 2020 allowing an individual to deduct up to 100% of their adjusted gross income (AGI) for the tax year. Did you know that a named endowment fund with the ELCA Foundation can be started for as little as $25,000 in either an outright gift or a multiyear pledge? These funds can provide support for up to 10 ELCA-related and non-ELCA-related ministries that are close to your heart. This may be a great opportunity for some donors to exercise the increased deduction limits while providing sustainable support to the ministries they value most.
Find more ways to give, or contact your regional gift planner for more information on how to maximize your charitable giving plans.

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  Charitable Gift Annuity  
Pay yourself income, then pay it forward.
Establish a charitable gift annuity.
In uncertain times such as these, you may feel more secure with a reliable source of income. Did you know that you can support your favorite ministry and receive income payments at the same time? If you are age 65 or older, you can establish a charitable gift annuity that provides you with fixed payments for life, with the remainder of the gift benefiting the ELCA ministry of your choice. What’s more, you can fund your annuity with a variety of assets such as cash or securities. With your gift you’ll receive an immediate income tax deduction, and a portion of the payments you receive may be tax-free as well. Ready to get started? Contact your regional gift planner to discuss your next steps.

  non cash  
Making a noncash gift to your congregation or ELCA ministry
Making gifts outside of traditional “cash” gifts holds biblical significance and is a valuable opportunity to support the ministries that matter the most to you. Did you know that any ELCA-related congregation, synod or organization can receive gifts of marketable securities and marketable commodities in partnership with the ELCA Foundation? You can make a gift of stocks, mutual funds, corn, soybeans, cotton or other marketable commodities through the ELCA Foundation to benefit any ELCA congregation or ELCA-related ministry. Contact your regional gift planner to learn more about how a noncash gift may benefit both you and the ministries you care about most.

  Fund for Leaders  
Ministry spotlight: ELCA Good Gifts
Shopping for someone who has everything they need? Shop ELCA Good Gifts and choose from 50 charitable gifts to give in honor of friends or loved ones this Christmas. From goats to water wells, there’s something for everyone on your list. Each gift makes a difference in the world and shares the love of Christ with our neighbors in need.

Watch our new promo video: “Give Something Unexpected This Christmas”
Third Quarter Market Snapshot: Endowment Fund Pooled Trust — Fund A
The S&P 500 saw continued moderate gains in the third quarter following a sharp rally in the second quarter, despite volatility in September. Equities continued to rally despite a sell-off in September and investor uncertainty surrounding passage of a second fiscal stimulus plan, Fed ambiguity on quantitative easing and on average inflation targeting details, results of the 2020 presidential election, timing of a COVID-19 vaccine, and expectations of rising cases as we head into the colder season.

During the third quarter, Fund A returned 6.17% net compared to the 5.52% static benchmark. Fund A outperformed the static 65% equity / 35% fixed income benchmark return on the quarter due to continued relative outperformance in the overall equity portfolio as both U.S. and non-U.S. equities posted strong gains.


Designed specifically for congregations, synods, seminaries and other affiliates of the ELCA, Fund A provides a socially responsible, collective, long-term investment option for endowments that support your ministry.
Meet your regional gift planner

Your regional gift planner is here to partner with you as you explore a variety of ways to love and serve our neighbors with your charitable giving. Regional gift planners provide expertise and guidance for individuals and congregations without cost or obligation. It is our ministry to be of service. Schedule a free meeting now!




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