ELCA Good Gifts

Congregational Resources

A variety of free resources are available to help you share ELCA Good Gifts with friends and members of your congregation. Order these free resources by visiting our online ELCA Resource Catalog or by calling 800-638-3522. Need help planning an event in your congregation? Contact us.

ELCA Good Gifts Catalog ELCA Good Gifts catalog
The 24-page ELCA Good Gifts catalog features more than 50 different gift-giving options that support the ministries of the ELCA. The catalog is a must-have for any congregation! Order | Download
Order Form  ELCA Good Gifts order form 
Download and print extra copies of the order form.  Download 
 ELCA Good Gifts Bulletin Insert

God’s Global Barnyard bulletin insert
Use this bulletin insert to share more information about God’s Global Barnyard and how animals help families in need. The back is a coloring page.  Order | Download

 ELCA Good Gifts Poster ELCA Good Gifts poster
Use this 11’’ x 17’’ poster to promote an ELCA Good Gifts Fair or other fundraising events. There is a space at the bottom to customize the place, time and date of your event. Order | Download
 ELCA Good Gifts Poster Christmas Cards
Order packages of our limited-edition Christmas cards to have on-hand at your fundraiser or event.  Chicks | Bees | Pig | Goat | Pair of Goats | Cow | Fruit Tree
ELCA Good Gifts Ornament  Advent tree ornament pack 
Decorate your congregation’s Christmas tree with these ornaments and host a special fundraiser for ELCA Good Gifts. One package contains 10 ornaments, instructions are included. Order: Assortment | Pig | Bee | Goat | Care for Kids Assortment
ELCA Good Gifts Coin Box  God’s Global Barnyard coin box 
This interactive coin box is perfect to teach children and youth about how animals help in the fight against hunger and poverty. Order
ELCA Good Gifts Piggty Bank ELCA Good Gifts piggy bank
Collect offerings to provide pigs and other animals through ELCA Good Gifts. Order
Advent Calendar 2018 Advent Calendar 2018
Celebrate the wonder of the birth of Christ with this ELCA Good Gifts Advent calendar. Each day is a reminder of the reason for the season with hymns, prayers, Bible verses and stories of how your gifts make a difference in the world. Order

 ELCA Good Gifts Coloring Book

ELCA Good Gifts coloring book
Use this coloring book for Sunday school or as a special handout at worship. As children color each of the eight animals, teach them the significance livestock can have in communities around the world. Order | Download

 ELCA Good Gifts Stickers God’s Global Barnyard stickers
Share these stickers with Sunday school kids during a children’s sermon, Sunday school class, or other activity. Order
 ELCA Good Gifts Toolkit Hunger Education Toolkits: Animals and Hunger
Do animals really make a difference in the fight against hunger and poverty? Learn more about hunger and livestock connections through a variety of educational activities for all ages, which can be mixed and matched specifically for your audience. Download

 ELCA Good Gifts Video 
ELCA World Hunger video series
Want to see how your gifts are making a difference in the lives of real people around the world? Watch