ELCA Good Gifts


What are ELCA Good Gifts?

ELCA Good Gifts are a creative, meaningful way to support the ministries of the ELCA that mean the most to you and your loved ones. These gifts are real examples from projects currently supported through ELCA churchwide ministries: the ELCA Fund for Leaders, ELCA Global Church Sponsorship, ELCA New Congregations, ELCA Vision for Mission, ELCA World Hunger, Disability Ministries and Lutheran Disaster Response. Each of these programs is a long-term, partnership-based ministry that focus on the needs identified by local congregations and global companion churches and their communities.

How does this work?

Your donation will be used where it is needed most within the wider category of each gift selected. For example, a gift of vaccinations may be used to support other health care initiatives. This allows our church to stay adaptive, flexible and effective in the work that we do.

Can I specify where my gift will be going or track where my donation was used?

The ELCA is at work in more than 80 countries around the world, including the United States. Because we seek to honor your generosity and keep administrative costs low, we do not track individual financial gifts to specific families or locations in the U.S. or abroad.

What are your administrative costs?

While exact administrative costs vary from program to program, the fundraising and administrative costs of our work are kept to a minimum. More than 90 percent of your gifts directly support our programs; less than 10 percent is used for administration and fundraising. Because of our long-standing, local partnerships around the world, our administrative costs are significantly lower than other organizations.

How do I get cards?

If you’re ordering online, you’ll receive a special link to order your cards after checkout. You’ll also receive a copy of this link in your email receipt. You’ll have three options:

  1. To mail a blank or personalized card to yourself or loved one(s).
  2. To email a greeting
  3. To print a card at home, by downloading a PDF.

If you’re giving through the mail, you can request that a blank, printed card for each of your gifts is sent to your home. You must request these cards with the order form found inside of the ELCA Good Gifts catalog. The customized options (above) are only available with online gifts.

What is the difference between ELCA Good Gifts and similar organizations?

Many other organizations are doing wonderful work around the world, and some do work in similar ways. A main difference between the ELCA and other programs is that this church receives almost all of the money to fund its work directly through its congregations and members, and almost all of the money that we distribute goes to support the work being carried out by our congregations, global companion churches and ecumenical partners. This is unique because the church is our delivery system. It is successful because the church is present in far corners of the world and already connected and trusted in communities. And finally, it is sustainable. Our churches and partners are the ones who identify local needs and solutions; we just help make those dreams a reality.

What about animals? How can I talk about the importance of animals with others?

The animals of God’s Global Barnyard are among some of the most popular gifts in the catalog. Your gifts to God’s Global Barnyard support the sustainable development ministries of ELCA World Hunger, which include training, education, resources (and much more) to help the community care for animals and create new market opportunities like starting a small business selling eggs, meat or dairy products. Your gifts support this comprehensive approach to animal husbandry.

In an effort to help educate others – like your Sunday school class – about the relationship between animals and hunger, check out the Animals and Hunger Toolkit. The toolkit provides lessons, activities and more to explore how animals help families and communities in need.

How can I share examples of different families who have been impacted by our gifts?

For videos and stories of different families and communities who have been impacted by ELCA World Hunger and other ministries featured in ELCA Good Gifts, check out our videos and stories.