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How it works
Together as the ELCA, we do more than we could ever do alone: grow our congregations, inspire new leaders and care for those around the world who live with hunger and poverty.

ELCA Good Gifts are a creative way to do just that. Your gifts go beyond your regular congregational offering to support the ministries of the ELCA that mean the most to you and your loved ones.



Step 1 Choose your gift
Select from more than 50 gifts to give in honor of a friend or loved one. While you’re at it, choose something for yourself!

  Good Gifts cardStep 2 Announce your gift
Tell others about the ELCA Good Gifts you have given in their honor by printing a card or sending an eCard. With each online donation of $10 or more, you may request a printed card to be mailed to your home. (Please allow four weeks for delivery.) 


Step 3 Where your money goes
People know their own communities best. We listen to our neighbors and learn how we can connect them with the resources they need to lift themselves from hunger and poverty. Whether it’s health care or clean water, we provide help where the need is greatest.

The items in this catalog are representative of the work carried out by churchwide ministries of the ELCA through local, community-based partners in over 60 countries around the world. The ministry projects in this catalog reflect ELCA-funded programs at the time of printing. Your donation supports these churchwide ministries by providing assistance where it is needed most, so that your gift has the biggest impact.Where your money goes

  How you can help

Step 4 How you help
Your gift carries God's love to others, making a difference in their lives and in the world. All of your donations support long-term, sustainable solutions that ensure that these good gifts keep on giving for years to come.

  Learn more about the ELCA churchwide ministries supported by ELCA Good Gifts.

     ELCA Disaster Response

     ELCA Fund for Leaders

     ELCA Malaria Campaign

     ELCA Missionary Sponsorship

     ELCA Vision for Mission

     ELCA World Hunger




Give over the phone by calling 800-638-3522. Give through mail by sending this order form and a check made out
to "Evangelical Lutheran Church in America." Mail to: ELCA Good Gifts, P.O. Box 71764, Chicago, IL 60694-1764.


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